Card making 101

Since I started running out of space to put my paintings, I started making cards. Obviously I threw myself into it the same way I do with any of my new interests, by buying a huge amount of material, then learning how to use it! Luckily I have a friend who is a professional card maker and she taught me how to use my new shape cutting machine I bought called the Sizixx Big Shot Plus, and gave me loads of tips from, how to make cards in a small space to stamping stamps! Check out her blog Handmade cards by Archana. Thanks Archana!

First thing I learnt was the vocabulary to card making!

Stamping – Putting images or text onto a piece of paper, textile, plastic… by using a stamp and ink. I ruined numerous cards when I started out stamping and this video really helped me alot! 6 Secrets of perfect stamping

Stamp – An image or text commonly etched on clear plastic or rubber which you put ink on and stamp your paper with it

Ink – Common inks used to make cards are dye ink or pigment inks. This youtube video about inks was really useful for me. Inks pads 101 by thefrugalcrafter

Dies – Nope its not colour, but shapes you use in a die cutting machine to cut shapes on paper, textile, cork, plastic, felt…

Emboss – To create texture on your card by pressing a raised image or text onto it

Emboss – To add powder onto your text or image to create a raised image

Those are just the basics and then there are other techniques and terms which I learnt through pinterest, a fabulous place to find ideas for just about everything! You can look at my board and find loads of ideas and techniques to make cards. Cards

My first card was a copy of a card from pinterest to learn the basics


I changed the paper, colour and objects used but the layout is about the same as Juliet Chapman‘s card. It was for my sister in law’s birthday and she loved it and that gave me more confidence so I made another one on my own using a emboss folder I got with my Big Shot plus machine.


The next one I made using  stencil I just bought from the Munich craft show which I went with my craft friends



We had a fund raising event which I was organising for the school and decided to make 5 cards to serve as a bingo prize. I had to make them quickly so I used alot of ideas from pinterest to do them


This idea came from a video I watched by Keenan Kreations


This one is a card made by Courtney Cox, she has great videos. She made 10 in 20 minutes! I made one in 2h!!


This layout idea one came from Stampin Anne


This one from On a Stampage




One thought on “Card making 101

  1. Hi, Aileen here. Just dropped in to say thank you for your lovely comments on my cards and check out how you are going. Lots of wonderful creations still happening. Love it all. I actually had to type in your blog and look for you that way, your link through google plus is not working. It keeps coming up with an error with link. Might want to fix that so people can come look at all your cards and art.

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