Bloomin’ Blooms!

The title of this post expresses how I felt while trying to make a card I felt inspired to do, with blooms, because they’re starting to appear everywhere, and by the challenge from Inspired by all the little things, especially by their guest designer Nancy from Scrapper@Heart.  Her colouring for her card is just so beautiful and I hope to be able to shade that way with watercolours one day! Anyway, I wanted to make a card with flowers, and realised i didn’t have any apart from my Stampin up What i love flowers, but they were too small for what I had in mind. So what I was left were my stencils and emboss folders. I spent 3h on what is, up till now, my most laborious card…and I hated the final result, I even used the Stampin up flowers in the end! Read further down if you want to know all the details, but the good thing is that I saw how beautiful just stencilling a card could be and I finally made a card I liked…in 15 minutes! Although close up in the photo I now see flaws I didn’t see on the card before so…oh well, I hope you still like it anyway cause it took me 2 failed attempts to get here!

I stencilled in the colours with Momento dew drop inks on sponges and the scratchy bits are actually glitter from Sakura transparent gel glitter pen! They look nice and shiny on the card.


I also entered this card in

Mod Squad‘s Show us your background challenge

Card’s in envy Flower’s/fantasy challenge


The next one is actually my 1st two failed attempts put into one card to try and save a little of both cards but I still hated it! But after all the effort i put into it, I wanted to show it anyway, to remind me later on that, no, I didn’t just pull my cards out of a hat, but after lots of failed attempts!


I started out by inking my stencil on the back side of a failed card, so I could use it for scraps later on…

stencil col

I then embossed my card with the inked stencil, by putting it through the big shot with a cut ipad case at the bottom and on top of the stencil (put some scrap paper so it doesn’t stain your pads)



and voila the end result on the left. The right side is the scrap paper I prepared my stencils on, which actually gave me the idea to do the card I like!

stencil result

Now this is where it started to go wrong. Even though I loved the stencilled embossed result, I wanted to subdue the background as I wanted to emboss a bloom emboss folder on top of this, so I sponged in some blue ink.




But I realised I still couldn’t add another flower without it coming out too “heavy”. So I started another card by stamping and embossing flower stamps from “What I love”, in many different colours, then I added ink on my blooms embossing folder and just pressed it onto the new card, but again I sponged some ink onto the background and didn’t like the overall result. So I spent another 30 minutes figuring out how to add it onto the first card and decided on cutting a piece of this new card and adding it on the first card ( have I lost you yet…). Oh well, I might try the ink embossing thing again as I like the result! Thanks for being so patient if you followed me till this end!

15 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Blooms!

  1. I’m so happy that you persevered, because this stenciled card is so pretty. Love those colors. Thanks for joining us at Cards in Envy. 🙂


  2. I love the soft magical look that you got with the sponging. Your sentiment is perfect for it too. Thanks so much for playing along with us at The Mod Squad Challenge. Good luck, and hope to see you again.
    Barbara, Mod Squad Challenge Host.

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  3. Good for you to persevere!!! Your final card is very pretty and I love how you mixed your colours! So happy you joined us at Inspired by All the Little Things!

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  4. Gwen, First I have to say thank you for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. It really made my day! Next, I think your stencil card came out fantastic! It reminds me of airbrushing! Way to stick with it and not give up. Sometimes what we envision doesn’t turn out as planned and that’s okay! So glad you were inspired and joined us at Inspired by All the Little Things were I am guesting! Hope to see more of your fabulous work in blog land!

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