Ines’s art

I came upon these paintings by my daughter Ines from when she was 6 years old when she was attending art classes once a week with her older brother. Although I thought they were exceptional at that time, now that I know a little bit more about painting and how difficult it is (for me anyway), I can’t believe she actually did them when she was only 6! I can’t even do them now and come close to what she achieved! She truly has inherited her father’s gift for drawing and its a pity neither of them show any interest in drawing or painting!


The next one suffered from my lack of a good picture taking phone at that time (we are talking 5 years ago…) which is a pity. I guess we can call that her first mix media art as she added some different paper to the background, pasted some kind of fluff on the dress, and painted the rest.

asian beauty

This one is more recent and was done last year.


Also, her journal for her upcoming exhibition project is just filled with beautiful doodles and drawings, but like a true perfectionist, she finds most them awful! Its a pity I don’t know where the originals are, I just hope I have kept them somewhere safe!

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