Ines’s drawings

Going through some stuff lying in a corner shelf, I came across some of my daughter’s paintings she did a few years ago. Ines used to do a lot of painting between the ages of 6-8, probably because that was when I put her in art classes when we lived in France. This is her proudest work she did during that time, it actually made it to the local exhibition!

ines indien.jpg

She painted this when she was 7. If you look closer,  she even wrote her name in the book lying beside the flower girl! She copied a painting of Diego Rivera’s Flower Seller. This is the original.


Once we moved to Germany, she didn’t want to paint anymore (sniff sniff) and I thought it was a real pity that she didn’t want to go further with her talent. She did manage however to produce this black and white painting during her art classes in school when she was 9.


Both her above pieces are A2 size (42 x 59cm or 16.5 x 23.4 in) canvas, so no small feats! Despite my efforts to encourage her to draw or paint in her spare time, she lost all interest… until recently! I don’t know why, she started drawing, and I found this picture lying around the house yesterday.ines-eyesI showered her with so many compliments that she went away and came back an hour later with these 2! ines-painted-faceThey are free hand sketches with a normal writing pencil, with only her imagination to inspire her! Although she said the inspiration for the eyes came about when she was picking her pimples and noticed her eyes! Lol!


This is my absolute favourite. It looks even better in real life! She even thought about putting the date and her age on every drawing.

I am absolutely jealous of her talent as I can’t even draw an apple, so she got it all from her father, who is also a talented artist but only draws once a year when I need a some skulls for Halloween…Anyway she was really in a pensive mood today as she even wrote a poem. (Ignore the bullet points as I can’t get the lines to stay together otherwise!)


  • Don’t think about it
  • It will be over soon
  • Don’t cry about it
  • It will go away soon
  • Don’t talk about it
  • It will make it worse
  • Worry about it, listen about it.
  • break your heart apart
  • Everybody gets a perfect chance,
  • but I just haven’t gotten it yet.
  • Makes you scream, makes you shout,
  • Makes you go crazy all out.
  • Makes you worry, makes you cry
  • Cuz all you have to say is “bye”
  • Don’t think about it
  • It will be over soon
  • Don’t cry about it,
  • It will go away soon
  • Don’t talk about it
  • It will make it worse
  • Cuz all you have to say at the end is
  • “Bye”

Don’t be alarmed, my daughter is not on the brink of suicide. As she says it herself, she can be quite dark…you should see some of the short stories she wrote. All murder and macabre. She’s very melodramatic and she unfortunately got all that from me as I was exactly the same as a teenager! When she showed me this poem, she put her backhand on her forehead, tilted her head and feigned distress…

I hoped you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed showing off my daughters rare creations! I do hope I can show you more very soon.

Your comments are like little virtual hugs to me, so thanks for the love!

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