Come get your Christmas cards & gifts!

I have finally decided to publicly sell my creations by opening my very own Etsy store! You can see it here. Its a tiny shop with only 3 items, but all my other creations are for sale too. I was wondering how I could show all my friends a sort of catalogue of my creations for Christmas and decided the best way is to use my blog. This decision came after a friend, and supporter since the beginning of my craft adventure, told me I should put all my cards into a catalogue and sell them. All the support from my family and friends (physical and in blogger land) have also given me the courage to take this big step. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone!

This shadow box card is a 3D pop up card that is lit with a led light from behind (included). The front and side panels come in gold, silver or blue. Papercut is with a machine then hand pieced together and coloured with dye inks and powdered paints.

7€ excl. shipping

These shadow box card are a 3D pop up card that is lit with a led light from behind (included). It comes in white or painted pink & blue/grey. It is decorated with glass glitters. Papercut is with a machine, then hand pieced together and coloured with dye inks.

7€ excl. shipping


4,00€ excl. shipping

Spirit of Christmas

4,00€ excl. shipping


Green Washi tape bauble

4,00€ excl. shipping

  • All cards are made on order and come with an envelope
  • Cards may be customised with other sentiments. Please choose from below.
  • Cards are shipped in a bubble envelope within 1-2 days of order. Shipping costs:
    • 1,45€ within Germany and 3,70€ everywhere else for the shadow box cards
    • 0,70€ for the other cards within Germany and 0,90€ everywhere else
  • Standard shipping may take 1-5 days in Europe, 1-3 weeks everywhere else but I will ship express if requested and will inform you of the extra costs
  • Please email me at: for any orders or questions

Sentiment choices:



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