My cup overfloweth…

I am truly lucky to be able to spend my days just drawing, painting and creating cards. I am blessed to have such a loving family that encourages and supports my passion. After I finished my orchid yesterday, my daughter told me that she was proud of me, cause she knew I couldn’t draw to save my life before! I was so touched 😌. I hope these are the things she will remember of me and use it to encourage her to never let “not knowing” be and excuse for “not doing”.

I learnt that from my own mother when she learnt how to swim at 50. I remember thinking, (when I was much younger), that it was incredible someone “so old “could start learning new things, especially swimming! Obviously now that I’m past half a century too,  50 is not so old…in fact, 50 was a beginning of a new life for me and I have learnt so much in the past 2 years, I even competed in my first 10km walkathon last year! So she taught me an incredible lesson, that it is never too late to learn anything. At 84, she is still learning new crafts, meeting new people and posting it on Facebook & Whatsapp!

cupofroses zigs card

As soon as I saw the free digital download of this stamp from Stamplorations, I loved it. So when Shery made it into a stamp, I obviously had to get it. Since then, I have been colouring and colouring it, to try and do it justice. Its not easy, cause I used Versamark to stamp and heat emboss it, so I could hardly see the lines of the roses anymore.

cupofroses zigs cu

After I finished colouring it, I fussy cut it and adhered it to one of the many embossed panels dear Monika from “Creative with Monika” gave to me. I used Stamplorations  “Crazy double running stitch” rectangle die to cut the panel. To balance off the colour, I added the strips of circles from Winnie and Walter’s Scenery Stripes set with Distress inks. I love both their scenery stripes sets, great to add a modern touch to anything! Before fixing the embossed panel to the card, I added a string that was used to tie a set of stamps I received, and has since been begging to be used. I am not a string, ribbon…kind of crafter, only cause I don’t really know how to add them, so this is a first for me.

cupofroses zigs

Once I stuck the panel down, I stamped the sentiment that comes with the “A Cup of Roses” stamp set, with Versafine ink. See those flowers behind my card? I am dying to paint them but I will wait until my colouring skills improve before trying…Lol!

Well thats all for today. Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate all the comments you leave behind. For this card, if you have other layout ideas that could have made it better, I’m all ears as I’m not 100% satisfied with the layout!


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2017 Spring Coffee lovers blog hopSpring-Hop-2017  I’m not a coffee drinker, only in dire situations where I really need to stay awake or crash my car…but I LOVE herbal teas, I drink it all day like the Chinese do, by adding water until I end up drinking just hot water!

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33 thoughts on “My cup overfloweth…

  1. This is gorgeous all over! The flowers, the coloring, everything!Thanks so much, for playing along with us at CUTplorations!

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  2. Hello Gwen!
    Your card is just fabulous and I love how beautifully you colored this Stamploration digi!
    I got the parcel yesterday, will pick soon from my Mothers house and let you know how beautiful it is when I got it in real 🙂

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  3. Re: At 84, she is still learning new crafts, meeting new people and posting it on Facebook. I met your mother several years ago at Bible Study Fellowship when she was in NYC. We hit it off and went on several adventures around NYC, including a walk around Chinatown. She came to my house for tea (and met my husband) and she invited met to your sister’s house in Harlem for Chinese New Year, where she taught me how to make dumplings. She was only in her 70s then and I was in my 60s, but she amazed me the way she could travel and find adventures. We are still in touch (mainly on FB) – she is one amazing woman. I find your blog very interesting. Keep up the good work! I am glad you have the support of your family to do this.

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    1. Wow! Its so amazing that someone who knows my mum follows my blog, I am so honoured! Yes that sounds like my mum, she is amazing.


  4. Another vote for the colours from me! An unusual combination but it works so well! Now, as you asked, when I am not sure about a design it can sometimes be because there is no ‘relationship’ between the elements. Just making two or more of them touch or overlap has helped me out!

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    1. Thanks Puff, I appreciate your tip. So should I have put the string around the whole card or maybe stamped the sentiment on a tag and overlayed it on the yellow panel or…?

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      1. Sorry, I replied to this in my head but not anywhere else!! I think the sentiment on a tag and overlapping the yellow panel idea is a great one. I just move things about a bit (well a lot, actually) until I think it is ok. Even then I will often look at it a while later and wish I had done something else!

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  5. Hi Gwendolyn!
    What a fabulous card. Super creative and fun, and you really did a lovely job. Thanks for sharing it in the Coffee Loving Cardmakers Hop. What a treat!
    Karen Letchworth

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