The Pursuit of Happiness

Or… What do you want from life. This question has not been on my mind for sometime. I guess it must be because I had everything I needed and was doing everything I wanted. My situation has not changed, but lately I’ve been asking myself this question, so something inside me has shifted. Its probably the famous mid life crisis and at 52 I guess I’m entitled to one. 😉

I’ve always believed, and my life is a testimonial to this belief, that everything in our life can change. We can lose our job, our health, our loved ones, our ability to continue doing what we once loved… so the only thing we can count on is whats inside us, which will enable us to surmount any obstacles and start again. Stephan Hawkins was the perfect example of this. He not only managed to continue pursuing his passion of astronomy and enlighten us with his findings, but more than that, he was and still is, an inspiration to us all, with his strength and resolve not to allow his handicap to stand in the way of his ideas and goals.

So how do we go about getting this inner strength? I don’t have the perfect recipe, but what has always worked for me is to learn from every experience, good or bad. Theres a saying in French we say to kids when they fall ” c’est le metier qui entre”… which means its something to learn from. So I’ve always tried to analyse my situation to go forward after each setback, bad experience or bouts of depression. To do this, I try to be aware of what I’m feeling and not push it aside, to share it with others, either verbally or writing about it. It makes a difference to hear it or see it instead of having it just churn around in your head. Often just hearing it out loud makes it less dramatic or serious and puts things in perspective.

The past few years, meditation has also worked for me. I know most people struggle with it, I did too as I could never get my mind to focus on… nothing! I was always flitting between thoughts and things I have to do.  Until I learnt my 1st lesson in meditation, which is to Forgive Myself and start again. Every time my mind wondered, I would forgive myself and start again. This soon became a life lesson too and I now regret nothing in my life, and believe me there are things I’ve done I’m not too proud of. But everything I’ve done made me who I am today and brought me to where I am, and I love where I’m at today so…! I love Oprah & Deepak’s 21 day meditation experience.  I highly recommend “Creating Peace from the Inside Out”, it actually saved my marriage by helping me to shift my perspective when nothing else worked. They often have free meditation experiences too.

Anyway I’ve digressed from my initial question, which was “What do I want from life”. Albert Einstein, who’s from Ulm, the city where I live at the moment, said: “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things” So if the saying is true, than I guess I’m needing new ideas and goals,  (although partying with friends and buying new clothes never hurts!) 😉

acrylic poppies scenery

I added this photo of my latest painting as it could be part of my new ideas and goals. I did this at a craft fair last week where I took my first lesson in acrylic painting. This is the first time I’ve painted with this medium, and the first time I’ve painted a scenery which is actually a HUGE step for me. I never ever thought I would be capable of painting something like this! Its a work in progress, yes those are not UFO poppies and theres still a good few hours before I finish it, which is a small goal in itself I guess. I have a few ideas of other new goals for myself but I’ll share it in another post as this one is getting too long already!

Well if you made it this far, thanks for putting up with me and I hope what I’ve written has helped you a little if you are going through a slump too. Since I started this post 2 weeks ago, I’m feeing much better now, but thats for another post too!

Have a great day!

paint signature base



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