Unoriginal artist

This is going to be a very heavy post, loaded with photos and results of some soul searching. So you have now been warned and you continue at your own peril!

First, the cards I made for the Twofer card challenge, where I had to think up of different ways to incorporate the same butterfly on my cards. I say it each time but I LOVE this challenge! I made a photo tutorial instead of a video because I’ve lost my voice after a bout of tonsillitis…and talking too much while my voice was already strained… It’ll hopefully come back very soon but my hubby is enjoying the quiet I think, LoL!

multicolor butterfly card main

So for the first card, which is a Graduation card, I used the same Stamplorations “Happy Flowers” stencil and the same Cutplorations “Layered Butterfly” dies which I used on both cards. I first created the butterfly before stencilling in Momento’s “London Fog” dye ink through the flower stencl as I wanted the butterfly to stand out.

So I first drew the outline of the butterfly using the full die and watercoloured large spots with my Zig clean color real brushes. Using my Spectrum Noir clear Sparkle pen, I blended the colours a little before I diecut it using the 2nd detailed die. I then coloured the bottom full die with Spectrum Noir Illustrator marker nos CT2-Sunshine and CR11 Flame Red in the middle & around it. I wanted more shine & texture so I added Lukas’s Crystal gel on both butterflies and let them dry.

multicolor butterfly card cu

My 2nd card was influenced by Mayline’s beautiful pop up peony card but I used a butterfly instead and the colours from the photo inspiration at The Card Concept. I first sponged in Abandoned Coral distress ink in the middle of the two flowers on the left and then added Mustard Seed to the rest of the flower. The stems were coloured with Twisted Citron distress oxides. I then spritzed water on it to blend the colours a little more. The flowers on the right were coloured using the same method but with Seedless Preserves in the middle and Picked Raspberry distress Inks. The sentiment in the middle from the “Hashtag authentic” Bold sentiment stamp set was stamped with Versafine ink.

multicolor butterfly5

So the theme at Twofers is butterfly, so where is the butterfly on this card? Yes, its on the inside of the card! To create this butterfly, I just diecut the detailed wings die and covered it with Lukas gel again and dusted some Wow Embossing glitters on it. To make sure no glitters would fall off, once the gel had dried, I went over it again but this time with a clear glue/lacquer from Marabu that dries non sticky.

multicolor butterfly6

The full butterfly diecut was cut from some watercolour scrap I used to practise my blending (waste not want not!) and the sentiment from Stamplorations Trendy Butterflies stamp set was stamped with Versafine too.

multicolor butterfly4

And these are all the products from Stamplorations I used to make both cards.

Butterfly products.jpg

I’m actually quite relieved I can’t post another video yet, as I had an awful experience afew days ago, when someone on a crafty Facebook group accused me of stealing ideas for my own profit. This was after I posted a video I made on ink blending. It was all unfounded and a company rep even came to my defense, but I find myself still affected by this incident a week later and I’ve been asking myself why.

It is probably that deep down, I do feel guilty of the fact that I rarely come up with original ideas and all the techniques I use have been created by someone else, so whatever I share, is not really “mine” to share. Even the rare times when I think I’ve discovered a new technique, I realise later that someone already thought about it.  I am always influenced by someone else’s card, whats on Pinterest, a painting, or even the theme of a card challenge. Being relatively new to this craft, I have learnt everything I know from someone’s blog, video, card-making classes and I do give credit when I remember where its from, so I always have the feeling that my work is not original. I wonder if others feel this way?

Anyway, my remedy for fear is to get back onto the saddle so hopefully I’ll be posting a new video soon when my voice comes back. My guilt will not stop me from sharing what I do as this is my way of giving back to the community that has taught me so much. I think my Asian sense of “payback” is stronger than my Christian sense of guilt…or they might be linked – do we give back due to our sense of guilt for taking? Ok… I think thats too much philosophy for one day. LoL!

Anyway, sorry for the ramblings and bravo to those who made it this far! It always helps me to write about my troubled thoughts, and I feel better already! As always I do appreciate your little hugs of encouragement through your comments, and I wish you a great day!



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25 thoughts on “Unoriginal artist

  1. I certainly hope that you are all recovered by the not-so-nice comment about that particular video and that your throat situation has imrpoved. I totally get how this video thingy can affect you (although we all think we can just shake it off..). Like children, we learn by watching and emulating others (who have more experience and perhaps found talent), but that doesn’t mean we are not original. I think as long as we can say that we are inspired by so-and-so (give due credit whenever is the case) and then make it our own. Creating your own art pieces is original because no one else can duplicate exactly what you do. To me, that is originality. I hope that this experience makes you more mindful and creative in whatever you do! I know you’ve got the ZEST for art and learning. And that is precious! Big hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your butterfly in those bright hues … so glad you joined us for the Things with Wings Challenge at STAMPlorations.


  3. A fabulous use of the concept of B/W and then a gorgeous splash of color. That butterfly steals the show. Nice to see you in the CUTplorations gallery this month.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What gorgeous cards! So clever to include the butterfly on the inside of your second card! Very creative! Thanks for playing along with us at AAA Cards!

    And I’m sorry to read that you had a comment like that! We are all influenced by each other and I think it’s wonderful that you have the courage to put yourself out there with videos! Don’t let negativity affect you, i love your inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Two beautiful cards, Gwendolyn ! Very original and so artsy ! Hopefully there is a lot of people like you who shares their work with tutorial, videos, blogs…whatever, so that we can find inspiration ! We all are influenced by someone’ work, by what we see everyday on blogland and around us so, that “naughty person” shouldn’t share anything on blogland so that her ideas wouldn’t be “stolen” (what a bad word !). So glad you go on with your wonderful creativity ! And thanks for sharing and inspiring !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I wouldn’t have been able to get where I am without the incredible generosity of all those sharing their works and techniques so I will go right on sharing what I do! Hugs, Gwendolyn


  6. Two beautiful and artsy butterfly cards Gwendolyn. Those butterflies are little works of art on your cards. Wonderful designs for both. Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Watercolour and at Twofer Card Challenge.

    We are all influenced by cards we see by other stampers, including layout, designs, techniques … and they are rarely original ideas. We all share ideas on blogs and it’s no different with videos. You are presenting your technique / card / design in a different way than anyone else, I’m sorry you had to deal with an unreasonable person, but they are out there. I’m glad that you are following through and doing what makes you happy. xx

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  7. I love everything you do. It is all very beautiful. I completely agree.. techniques can be shared as well as stamps and dies. You add your own flare and beauty to your projects… and that makes you original. You keep doing what you love…. some people could use a chill pill.. =) ❤

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  8. When I first saw your cards I thought “Oh no, she used the same stencil but no butterfly on the second card”! What a fun idea to put the glittery beauty inside as a surprise! The shimmery one on the first card also looks spectacular! Fabulous designs!
    Thank you for joining us at the Twofer!
    Sorry to hear about your experience with a nasty commenter! I think we all inspire each other and use the same techniques and materials but as long as you don’t post an exact copy of a card it’s ok, IMHO.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I have to start at the end, Gwendolyn. I’m so sorry you received a nasty comment. It’s human nature to feel blindsided when it happens and you have done nothing to deserve it. You saved me giving you a “Mom talk” by bucking yourself up positively and resolving to get back in the saddle at the end of your post. You took the words of encouragement right out of my mouth! I, too, rarely make an original work of art (ever?) because SOMETHING always sparks my design that’s been made by someone else. I’ve discussed this a lot with other crafters and most of us feel the same way. Unless you literally make a copy of someone else’s card, you are not stealing it! So phooey on that person! Proceed with sharing!

    Switching to my friend/Twofer hat, I have to say your designs are out of this world gorgeous! I love the look of your butterflies and appreciate that photo tute immensely! It’s a superb way to create a colorful and vibrant butterfly diecut and it really pops on top of your stenciled gray flowers! And then the flowers get to be vibrant and colorful on your second design with an amazing butterfly surprise on the inside! Very fun!! Thank you so much for playing in Twofer Card Challenge #5! Big hugs, Darnell

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  10. Pretty card, love those fresh and vibrant colours. And who can help but be influenced by what we see around blogland, surely that’s the whole point of sharing cards. Thanks for playing along with the Inspired by Nature Challenge at AAA Cards

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  11. WOW – LOVE those wonderful flowers ! Great use of that stencil and esp. love how the soft grey backs up that beautiful butterfly! – so perfect for our challenge! Thank you so much for playing along with us at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge! /Karin

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  12. It’s not copying if you don’t recreate their work exactly. Stamps and dies are made to be used like this. I’m trying to do a bit more of my own sketching/painting in my work, but I still tend to go back to stamping etc. I’m only going to worry of I start selling stuff 🙂

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