Faux Impasto oil painting

For those of you who are following me, you know I took afew oil painting lessons in Madrid during my vacation last month. I’ve been wanting to try this medium for a year now but put it off as I heard it was really difficult. So being in a country for a whole month, that produced Picasso, Dali, Miro, Goya, El Greco…& hundred other amazing artists, I thought it was a good time to start learning it. I enrolled myself in DeCinti Villalón Academy of Painting and spent 16 hours learning to paint in oils. To my surprise, I found oil painting much easier than watercolours as its controllable and so forgiving! If you don’t believe me, look at the pics at the end of my post. I also love the impasto effect it gives where you can see the strokes of the brush & the 3D look.

Impasto roses main

Now I’m back home, I was wondering if I could replicate the impasto effect on my cards using my embossing pastes & sprays from Shimmerz Paints… and as you can see I think I succeeded! I am so loving it, the texture, the shine and how easy it was to create this faux oil painting with them. I made a video, which you can find below, so you can see exactly how easy it was. Especially if you use stamped flowers as a guideline, as I did with the roses & leaves stamps from The Ton.

Impasto roses cu

I painted with some cheap brushes I had lying around and you can also use your watercolour brushes as it washes right off.  The paper was just the underside of one of my watercolour scrap paper, and even if it is a little stained, the pastes covers them up as you can see in my video. You can also paint on any other paper you use when adding embossing pastes on your cards.

Once the card was dry, I finished it with the sentiment from The Ton’s “Fresh Cut Poppies” set stamped with Stazon on vellum paper as I didn’t want to cover up any of the beautiful roses.  One suggestion, make sure you cut your card to the size you want and also add the double sided tape behind the painted panel, BEFORE you start painting with your pastes. This way you won’t flatten the raised effect.

As promised, here’s the video. I hope you enjoy watching it, if you do, it would be so great if you gave me a thumbs up & followed me on YouTube.

So these are the 2 paintings I did using different mediums to show you how much easier oils are. The left one is done in oil and the right in watercolours. I started out trying to create the same painting in water-colours but really messed it up! The oil painting is only my 3rd painting done in oil, after a week of lessons, while I’ve been water-colouring for 6 months now! I also discovered water-soluble oil paints by Winsor and Newton in their Artisan range, so it doesn’t smell and washes off with water. Oils do take much longer to dry, which is also why its so forgiving, as you can rework over it if you mess up!

lone tree.jpg

I’m not too much a fan of realism painting even though I admire the skill involved in making a painting look as real as a photograph, but its not something I want to hang in my house. Nevertheless, this painting, which is the first (and only so far) which approaches a more realistic look, (I was copying a photo) really helped me to learn the basics & how to blend with oils. My hubby really loves it though, so I guess I’m going to have to hang it in the house after all… :)) Anyway, I’m not giving up on watercolours as I still love them!

Well if you made it this far down, thanks for your patience and I hope you found it worth your time. I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me such kind comments as they’re always such a joy to read. Have a great day!

Hugs, paint signature base

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5 thoughts on “Faux Impasto oil painting

  1. What a great opportunity to have had to do this. You’ve created some beautiful pieces thanks for joining us over athttps://creativeartistemixedmedia.blogspot.com

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  2. Wow what amazing works of art! I particularly love the texture and shimmer of your flowers!
    Thank you for joining us at The Colour Crazy Challenge! Jane S (DT) xxx

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