Little Hummingbird

July 2019 WC.pngHi all, its been a while I know, but my daily intensive German classes coupled with my new job plus going back to fulltime parenting, albeit to teenagers(!), is throwing off my regular schedule and I’m having a hard time adjusting to my new routine. But my German classes will end in a month when I sit for my certification exam, the kids will be away on holiday visiting their friends around Europe, so I won’t have to be their daily chauffeur and personal chef for afew weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being with my son these last 2 months when he was home studying for his exams, which is why I didn’t mind chauffering him daily to the gym, to school and after his exams to his internship and concocting high protein/carb meals for him. I got a chance to pamper him and be with him and have very interesting conversations together, during a time when most teenagers are on the other, dark, side of the moon 😉Hero Arts hummingbird prod.jpgAnyway, I managed to squeeze off some time to watercolour this little Hummingbird from Hero Arts Hummingbirds stamp set, with my Spectrum Noir watercolour markers called “Aqua”, for our latest Watercolour challenge over at “Happy Little Stampers” challenge blog, where the theme is “Wings”.Hero Arts hummingbird cuI look forward to seeing all your wonderful watercolour creations in the challenge link and you have the whole month of July to do so!

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, 0aablog-signature

3 thoughts on “Little Hummingbird

  1. Family is everything so enjoy every single moment. Glad you did get time to squeeze in this beautifully coloured hummingbird for us Gwendolyn. You know how much I enjoy swooning over how talented you are in watercolouring. This one is another stunning creation.


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