Coronavirus self-portrait

In the delirium caused by my raging fever and fatigue mind, I somehow managed to sketch and paint a self-portrait, with my self-made mask, that actually resembles me!

No, I didn’t have the COVID19 virus, well not that I know of anyway, but the doctor said it was a minor virus, bronchities, it seems. So I suffered without the glory, or even the advantages of having the COVID19. What advantages you say? Well not suffering as much, for a start, and 14 days of self isolation! I have to say I was tempted to tell my family that I could not cook for them, nor wait on them hand and feet for the next 14 days, and just put my feet up and relax… especially since I must have got the bug from them, as I’m the only person in the family that hasn’t left the house in the last 2 weeks!  But my mother instinct got the best of me, and instead I popped some pills and went home to cook them dinner.COVID selfportrait prod wm

Well back to the self-portrait, I think there’s something about being mad with fever or other madness (think Van Gogh, Goya, Beethovan…) that maybe stops some part of the brain from functioning (the part that holds you back) and lets you just get on with creating, cause I never thought in a million years that I would be able to paint myself!

This is the original photo I took of myself. Apart from giving myself a white forehead, I think I managed to capture some likeness don’t you think? I guess having a mask covering up half my face makes it easier to paint myself too!original photoWell, I hope you liked my self-portrait. I’m going to try and sketch something else, now that I’m on the road to recovery, to see if it was a momentary flash of talent, or hopefully, that I am becoming a better artist!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day doing something you love!0aablog-signature

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